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The MBRI published the policy paper on "Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Production and Price-Setting in Manufacturing Sector"

Dr. Ali Divandari and Dr. Hamid Zamanzadeh:
Recent Currency Jump; Fundamental or Bubble?

Dr. Ali Salehabadi:
Managing Currency Fluctuations through Central Bank Policies

Dr. Hamid Zamanzadeh:
Jump in Foreign Exchange Rate Has Psychological Origin – Trade Balance Gap Condensed

Alireza Saleh:
$15 Million Banks’ Contract Values to Issue Guarantees on Services

Esmaeil Gorjipour:
Social Security Pensioners’ Status – Higher Government Aid to Funds

Amirhossein Amin Azad:
Central Bank Independence – Precondition for Financial System Restructuring

Dr. Komijani:
Lawmakers Pay Attention: Expert Views Required for Central Bank Act Review

Dr. Yosef Padganeh:
IFRS9 Implementation Faces Challenges

Dr. Nahavandian:
3 Key Government Actions in the Economy – Planning to Solve Foreign Exchange Problems

Dr. Ali Divandari:
Financial Sector As an Appropriate Economic Driver

Dr. Teymour Rahmani:
Condition on Maintaining the Single-digit Inflation – Necessity for Central Bank Independence

Dr. Ahmad Reza Jalali Naeeni:
Forward Looking Monetary Policy Necessary for Preventing Jumps in Foreign Exchange Rate

Mohammad Hashem Botshekan:
Solving the Banking System’s Problems with Thought – Output of the Restructuring in Banking System

Dr. Ali Divandari:
Understanding Required for Solving Banks’ Problems

Dr. Mirshojaeian:
1,620,000 Billion IR. Rials Government Debt to the Central Bank

Dr. Saeed Shirkavand:
Origin of the Economic Problems in Iran – Convergence in Policies Required

Dr. Peyman Ghorbani:
Iranian Fiscal Policies Based on Oil Revenue Cycle

Book Titled as “Central Banking, Monetary and Financial Stability, Theory and Practice”

Dr. Masoud Nili:
Government Meets Systematic Budget Deficit - Restructuring in Budget Structure Required