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Announcement of the Central Bank Policies for the Cryptocurrencies until End of This Year
The Central Bank's vice governor of IT technology said “I think that by the end of the year, the central bank's policies on the currency of the currencies will be announced.”

Getting Rid of the Free Service Cycle Preconditions for Fintech Business Development
A payment field expert said: Getting rid of the free transaction cycle and free services is a prerequisite for the development of Fintech businesses in the country. Until this happens, we will not see a major boom in this area.

Blockchain-Focused Studies are on the Agenda of the Central Bank
The Secretary General of the Central Bank announced the focused studies of the bank for the use of Blockchain technology.

Confronting Money Laundering with New Authentication Methods
A payment service expert said: “Aggregation of identity information and the use of biometric technology, is a strategy to enforce robust authentication against money laundering, and biometric authentication has been implemented on the national smart card.”

Increasing the Profitability of the Banking Industry in Partnership with FinTechs
An expert on the field of payment, emphasizing that the movement of the country's banks towards open banking is unavoidable, said: “The most important advantage of working with FinTechs is the promotion of commission-based culture and the increase in profitability.”

Increase in Value Added of Banks with Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
The director of the Electronic Banking Department of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution, with emphasis on the different nature of the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency, said: Blockchain's proper uses lead to an increase in value for banks.

Creating Restrictions in Blockchain is not Possible
The director of the Informatics Services Company said that given the fact that the Blockchain is a technology, no country can prevent the entry and activity of other countries in this area.

Improve Tax Performance by Developing RegTech Startups
An IT expert said: The RegTech startups are online businesses that with the focus on technology, facilitate regulatory requirements, and accelerate and improve performance across jurisdictions, including taxation.

Multilateral Treaties Underpin International Engagement with the Blockchain
A security expert in the area of payment said: circumventing sanctions using Blockchain technology requires international engagement on this platform and the conclusion of multilateral economic pacts in the political arena.

The Call for the Startups and Thinkers at the 2nd "Innovative Financial Technologies" Event
Startups and visionaries will be featured in the second "Innovative Financial Technologies" event

The Absence of Payments Bank in Iran’s Banking Industry
An industry expert said the Payments Bank is a small-sized, mobile-platform bank that attracts countless numbers of users by providing diverse and cheap services and its vacancy is felt in the financial environment of the country.

The Field of General Trust is Provided in the Cryptocurrencies
"The cryptocurrency is not a paper currency, and it should provide the ground for public trust and the creation of public asset," said the member of the Central Bank's Jurisprudential Council, stating that virtual money is accredited.

A policy paper on “Banking Resolution System and Financial Stability, Case of Iran" has been published by the Monetary and Banking Research Institute (MBRI)

SWIFT will be Replaced by Blockchain in Future
This platform will gradually replace SWIFT, and now part of the SWIFT's tasks are being done on this platform, and European banks are taking advantage of it," said Blockchain Innovation Lab manager.

Providing Digital Services to Banks with the Help of Fintechs
With the emphasis on the ability of banks to provide digital services to their customers with the help of Fintechs, the information technology deputy of Iran Zamin Bank said “The infrastructure had not yet been provided, but we have to move towards it.”

Adopting Important Decisions in the Banking and Economic System with Scientific Support
The director of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution emphasized: "We must strive to make practical decisions in the banking and economic system of the country with scientific support."

The Top Researchers of the Banking System Were Introduced
The top researchers of the banking system were introduced today at the 8th Ceremony of the Research and Technology Week.

Strengthening and Expanding the Interaction of Scientific and Research Centers with the Banking System
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank said the first important issue is to strengthen and expand the interaction of scientific and research centers with the banking system of the country.

Mission of Monetary and Banking Research Institution in Providing Research Needs of Banks
The director of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution announced the mission of the MBRI is to meet the research needs and to develop applied research in monetary and banking through close communication with the Central Bank.

The 8th Commemoration Ceremony of the Research and Technology Week in the Field of Money and Banking is Held on December 17th 2018
The 8th anniversary of the research and technology week in the field of money and banking will be held tomorrow by the Monetary and Banking Research Institution in order to appreciate the works of researchers and elected directors of the banking network.