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Date:6/25/2018 5:50:47 PM   |   Code : 293740
Central Bank Independence – Precondition for Financial System Restructuring
Amirhossein Amin Azad:
Central Bank Independence – Precondition for Financial System Restructuring
“An appropriate law will definitely not solve all the problems though without a decent law, no problem will be solved.”, as a monetary and banking exert, Amirhossein Amin Azad stated by emphasizing on the financial system restructuring and reviewing the central bank act.

Amin Azad continued: “The structure of management in central bank has not significantly reformed during the recent eighty years due to the weaknesses in monetary policymaking performance in both monetary and financial system stability.”

According to the Public Relations Department of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute (MBRI) report at the 28th Annual Conference on Banking and Foreign Exchange Policies, Amirhossein Amir Azad highlighted: “Inflation rate is not compatible with the similar global average indicator even if with its reaching the single-digit targeting. Therefore; going on with current structure will not reach inflation targeting.”

Amin Azad added: “Banking soundness and stability would not be acceptable at this situation as if quality of the capital in banking system is extraordinarily terrible, assets quality engaged with lack of transparency as well as provisioning is inappropriate.”

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