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Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding between the Monetary and Banking Research Institute and the Research Center of the Parliament of Iran
The Monetary and Banking Research Institute of the Central Bank and the Parliamentary Research Center concluded a Memorandum of Understanding in order to expand scientific and research cooperation in order to help make optimal decisions in the field of monetary and banking policy.

Policy report to deal with the recessionary consequences of the Corona prevalence in Iran and the world
The Central Bank's Monetary and Banking Research Institute has published a new policy report to address the recessionary consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran and the world, and made suggestions.

The introductory ceremony of the new director of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute was held
The opening ceremony of Dr. Shapoor Mohammadi, the new head of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute, was attended by Dr. Akbar Komijani, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Abolfazl Najarzadeh, Deputy Administrative and Financial Officer of the Central Bank, Hooman Reza Madani Shahroudi, Director General of the Central Bank, and the directors of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute.

The head of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute was appointed
Dr. Shapoor Mohammadi became the director of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute.

Issue 159 of TE was published under the title "The End of Fishing"
Issue 159 of the TE Journal entitled "The End of Phishing" addresses the need for dynamic code execution and open market operations.

The 9th Annual Conference on E-Banking and Payment Systems Postponed to June 2020
The 9th Annual Conference on "Electronic Banking and Payment Systems" was adjourned to Monday and Tuesday, June 8th and June 9th.

The Quality of Iran's Fraud Detection System is World-Class
Head of Fraud Management Systems Group of Informatics Services Corporation said: The quality of Iran's fraud detection system is at the international standards.

Open Market Operations in accordance with the Principles of Islamic Law
The Shari'a Repurchase Agreement Functions (Repo) roundtable in Money and Capital Market was held at the Monetary and Banking Research Institute and the effects of the Islamic Repurchase Agreement on Iran's financial markets were evaluated.

Three Dimensions of Digital Transformation / Replacing the Customer Experience Instead of Product-Driven Strategy
"Changing infrastructure, human capital, and changing structures and processes are three dimensions of digital transformation," stated the Saderat Bank's Information Technology Director, saying that digital transformation will replace the product-centric approach with customer experience.

Breaking the Bureaucratic Barrier; the Most Important Challenge of Open Architecture
The CEO of Ertebat Farda Company emphasized that the most important challenge for decentralized banking and open architecture in the banking system is to break the bureaucratic barrier.

Azari Jahromi: The Share of the Digital Economy in the Country's Economy is Expanding
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology announced plans to increase the share of the digital economy in the country's economy.

Determining the Decision Makers of New Technologies in the New Banking Plan
The lawmaker has specified the decision-makers in the new banking plan rather than setting e-banking standards, a banking law expert said.

Development of Banking Technology with Legalization and Training
An expert in the field of e-banking pointed out that legislation, regulation, and training and research in the e-banking field are fundamental issues that need to be addressed for the development of technology presence in the banking industry.

Dr. Komijani became the head of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute
Dr. Kamijani became head of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute.

Smart Tax System
The head of the Tax Affairs Organization said that: "a new move aimed at modernizing the tax system of the country has begun. The need to make the tax’s system of the country smart is undeniable."

Digital Transformation with Evolution in the Base Layer
The secretary of the Fintech Association cited the evolution of regulations, economics, and business are the foundations of digital transformation.

Improving Financial Welfare with Digital Transformation in the Banking System
Vice President of Planning and Development of Tose’ Farda, said that moving to digital transformation is essential, and banks should embark on the path of digital transformation using modern technologies to improve citizens' financial well-being.

Considerations of National Cryptocurrency Release in Iran
“There is a concern in the development of tools in the country's payment industry," said an e-payment expert in the field of cryptocurrency mining, which has almost become known.”

Digital Iran is a Difficult but Achievable Dream
Pointing to the importance of digital transformation in the country, a member of the University of Tehran Faculty said: "The banking system is a leader in digital transformation in the country's industries, and digital Iran is a challenging but achievable dream.

Banks are Becoming Digital
A member of the Board of Directors of Mellat Bank, noting that the issue of digitization has been the focus of attention of banks worldwide, said: “Some banks in Iran have started planning and studying in this area.”