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The 29th Conference on Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policies will be Held in Spring 2019
The 29th Conference on Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policies will be held by the Monetary and Banking Research Institute with the theme of the "Reorganization of Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policy and Reinforcing the Banking System".

The Central Bank of Iran’s Main Plans
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran says that the bank is concurrently working on four major areas

And The Winners Are…
The 8th annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems wrapped up on Wednesday with Abdolnaser Hemmati

Jahangard: Fintech create great changes in banking, monetary services
Nasrollah Jahangard, Iran’s deputy minister of telecommunications and information technology, said fintech has created great changes in the banking and monetary services.

One-time-use passwords help secure personal banking information
The head the Iranian Cyber Police, FATA, reported 85 percent increase in cyber-crime compared to that of last year and said creation of single-use passwords can prevent bank fraud.

CBI Chief: Special Banking Measures Adopted for Syrian Pilgrims
Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnaser Hemmati said several banking measures have been adopted for rendering services to Syrian pilgrims.

Iranian IT Manager Highlights Role of Big Data in Digital Banking
Morteza Turk Tabrizi, IT Manager of Bank Mellat stressed the significance of using big data in producing new digital products, adding that banks could generate income via IT technologies.

Proposed 3 Restrictions on Payment Companies
The Prosecutor of the Anti-Cybercrime Judiciary Office has proposed three restrictions on payment companies.

Creating Infrastructure for Using National Smart Cards in the Banking Industry
The Chairman of the board of ASAN PARDAKHT said that the infrastructure for using the smart card in the banking industry and electronic payment companies should be provided by the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Registration Office.

Financial Expert Highlights Ways to Detect Fraud in Banking Systems
A banking expert said there are different ways to detect fraud in banking systems.

‘Derailed banking fees must be put back on the tracks’
CEO of Shaparak Co Mohsen Ghaderi says banking fees should get fixed and placed back on the tracks.

The Need to Change the Traditional Fee System in Iran
A member of the Board of Directors of Post Bank believes that the Central Bank’s new planning should change the traditional system of fee charging in banking system of Iran.

‘Cash money, last resort of traditional banking’
The CEO of TOSAN Techno says, “Cash money is the last resort in the traditional banking.”

20 to 70 Percent of the Transaction Fees Received by the Government
Managing director of SADAD Electronic Payment Company said: between 20% and 70% of the transaction fees is received by the government, it is natural that the regulator does not want to remove these transactions when benefits from them.

The End of ATM Cards’ Scams to Come
According to statistics, it is possible to eliminate scams resulting from copying ATM cards and eliminating the challenge in the banking system, Supervising Deputy of Shaprak Company said on Wednesday.

Payment Companies Increase Security by Upgrading Software
The Slovenian S&T Project Manager said payment companies should prevent fraud by improving their software.

The Traditional Banking Era is Over
The Vice Chairman of Network at Informatics Services Corp. said: Traditional banking is over in the world and we have to move towards open banking.

Identifying Customers Vital in Detecting Suspicious Banking Transactions
In an aim to detect the suspicious banking transactions, the customers and their banking performance must be identified, the head of the Iran Central Bank's Anti-Money Laundering Inspection group said in Tehran on Wednesday.

Future Banks will Become Platforms
Vice President of Munich School of Economics said the future banks will become platforms, and the Blockchain can be used as a conveyor belt to make this platform work.

E-banking specialist: Blockchain technology a tool to save future lives
An e-banking specialist said on Wednesday that Blockchain technology is one of the tools that save the future of our lives.