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The 29th Conference on Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policies will be held by the Monetary and Banking Research Institute with the theme of the "Reorganization of Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policy and Reinforcing the Banking System".

According to the Public Relations Department of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute, the 29th Conference on Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policies will be held with the participation of senior government officials, monetary policymakers and experts in the Spring of 2019. "Reorganizing Monetary Policy and Liquidity Management", "Reforming and Reinforcing the Banking System", "Currency Policy: Challenges and Solutions", and "Financial Sustainability and Economic Stability" are the four main subjects in the conference, which specialized panels and presentation of papers in these topics are planned for this conference.

In the context of "Reorganizing Monetary Policy and Liquidity Management" the following topics are being discussed: "The role of monetary policy in controlling inflation and maintaining economic stability", "The mechanism and requirements for the implementation and development of open market operations", “The effects of changes in interest rate on economic stability and banking health”, "The time structure of interest rate in Iran’s economy", "The nominal anchor for the monetary authority", "Managing the banks' debt to the Central Bank", "Managing and deepening the interbank market", "Do’s and don’ts of monetary policy in production financing" and "Coordination of monetary, financial, currency and trade policy in order to maintain economic stability".

Also, in the "Reforming and Reinforcing the Banking System", the key issues are "Banking System Structure and Balance Sheet Correction Strategies", "Banking Law Reform: Advances and Challenges", "Evaluation of Precautionary Regulations and Policies in Banks", "Legal, Economic and Technical Framework of the Bank Integration", "The quality of assets in the banking network and the perspective of banks’ balance sheets", "Practical approaches and mechanisms for strengthening banks' capital adequacy", "Challenges and Mechanisms of Liquidity, Credit, Operations and Market Risk Management in Banks", "Structuring Correction of Financial Reporting in Banks: Advances and Challenges", "Review of the Effects of Macroeconomic Variables and Sanctions on the Balance Sheet of the Banks" and "Political Economy of Financial Stability with Emphasis on the Banking Sector".

Another focus of this conference is "Currency Policy: Challenges and Solutions", the subsets of which are "The appropriate exchange system in the context of exogenous economic constraints", "Evaluation of foreign exchange policy performance", "Foreign exchange and trade policy", "The consequences of the multi-rate currency system", "Effects of currency fluctuations on macroeconomic variables", "Currency derivatives market and its role in stabilizing the foreign exchange market”, “Mechanisms and requirements for the implementation of the cash exchange market " and “Monetary treaties: challenges and solutions”.

"Financial Sustainability and Economic Stability" is another important topic that will be discussed at this conference. In this area, discussions such as "Reforming the budget structure with an emphasis on budgeting effects", "Implementing financial rules to maintain economic stability", "Reforming the structure of the National Development Fund with the goal of financial sustainability", "Financial sustainability and issuing debt securities" "Reforming the subsidy system, the price of basic goods and energy carriers", "Reforming the structure of pension funds", “Managing the effects of the government deficit on the balance sheet of the banking system", “The development of Islamic financial instruments to facilitate government financing" will be taken place.


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