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Development of Banking Technology with Legalization and Training

An expert in the field of e-banking pointed out that legislation, regulation, and training and research in the e-banking field are fundamental issues that need to be addressed for the development of technology presence in the banking industry.

According to the Public Relations of the MBRI and the news agency of the 9th Annual Conference on E-Banking and Payment Systems, Mohammed Hossein Dorri said that e-banking is the latest technology in the banking industry, adding: "Technologies are emerging all over the world to solve the problems. And if they do not have this property and fraud cases are formed in this area, it can no longer be called technology."

"In general, as we move toward eliminating paperwork and developing e-commerce systems in the country's administrative system, we have helped fight against corruption and increase transparency, which will eventually prevent various corruption and embezzlement."

The university lecturer said that one of the most critical areas that should be moving towards technology with speed and acceleration is the banking sector. "As the banking industry in Iran becomes more modern and the paperwork is removed, corruption and various economic crimes will be reduced as a result."

Dorri said that e-banking would help combat money laundering and prevent tax evasion, saying that e-banking has unique features in the area of ​​services, such as speed and network security, and helps reduce bank costs.

The e-banking expert cited one of the remaining issues alongside the development of e-banking services and enhancing banking network security, is the behavioral security for users and customers, adding that these two secure systems - banking network security and user behavioral security - need to be strengthened together and complement each other. Network security alone is not enough, and at the same time, attention should be paid to user behavioral security.

He urged banks to help strengthen the e-banking culture and secure the use of e-banking services.

The university lecturer noted: Iran is one of the top countries in the world in providing e-banking services, and besides network security, cultural issues should be considered as well.

Dorri outlined the two main challenges in e-banking, are regulation and education and research, saying: "If we are to succeed and grow in e-banking, we must address these two problems comprehensively because they are the foundation of success in this areas.

The e-banking expert emphasized: It is necessary for the activists and thinkers along with the officials in the field of e-banking to formulate general laws and regulations in accordance with the country's indigenous banking system. Of course, these laws and regulations should not be the only translation of ISO laws and international standards, and the laws should be taken effectively to enhance the presence of technology in the banking sector.

The 9th Annual E-Banking and Payment Systems Conference will be held at the Milad Tower Conference Hall on March 1st and 2nd this year.


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