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Issue 159 of TE was published under the title "The End of Fishing"

Issue 159 of the TE Journal entitled "The End of Phishing" addresses the need for dynamic code execution and open market operations.

According to the Public Relations of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute, TE Journal No. 159 has examined the reasons and benefits of conducting open market operations, in addition to addressing the issue of dynamic coding.

Since the issue of dynamizing or using a variable element in non-card payments is a serious concern in the payment system, the regulator has raised the question of whether the Central Bank has implemented a dynamic password. For this reason, TE have been discussing it with experts and holding roundtables as well as scientific notes.

Open market operations have been another of the Central Bank's monetary and banking execution plans in recent months.

Accordingly, the reasons for this policy have been analyzed in a discussion with experts in the form of scientific notes.  

You can get TE issue 159 here.


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