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Date:7/13/2020 2:52:45 PM   |   Code : 344791   |   View: 98

The 160th issue of the monthly TE was published

The 160th issue of the monthly TE with the theme of Economic Outlook, in the year of the production leap was published.

According to the public relations of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute, the year 1399 is another year in which the Iranian economy is facing economic constraints caused by sanctions. Iran's oil revenues have fallen sharply in the past few months, as evidenced by the budget document, which has tried to reduce oil revenues.

Corona's crisis is gradually revealing its damage to the country's economy. This economy has been under a lot of pressure since the United States withdrew from the JCPOA and oil sanctions, and now has to break the stagnation record set by Corona.

These changes have led to a study of the perspectives of markets and the country's economy on the subject of the 160th issue of the TE.


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