Monetary and Banking Research Institute
The 9th Annual Conference on "Electronic Banking and Payment Systems" was adjourned to Monday and Tuesday, June 8th and June 9th.
Head of Fraud Management Systems Group of Informatics Services Corporation said: The quality of Iran's fraud detection system is at the international standards.
The Shari'a Repurchase Agreement Functions (Repo) roundtable in Money and Capital Market was held at the Monetary and Banking Research Institute and the effects of the Islamic Repurchase Agreement on Iran's financial markets were evaluated.
"Changing infrastructure, human capital, and changing structures and processes are three dimensions of digital transformation," stated the Saderat Bank's Information Technology Director, saying that digital transformation will replace the product-centric approach with customer experience.
The CEO of Ertebat Farda Company emphasized that the most important challenge for decentralized banking and open architecture in the banking system is to break the bureaucratic barrier.
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology announced plans to increase the share of the digital economy in the country's economy.