Monetary and Banking Research Institute
The CEO of Ertebat Farda Company emphasized that the most important challenge for decentralized banking and open architecture in the banking system is to break the bureaucratic barrier.
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology announced plans to increase the share of the digital economy in the country's economy.
The lawmaker has specified the decision-makers in the new banking plan rather than setting e-banking standards, a banking law expert said.
An expert in the field of e-banking pointed out that legislation, regulation, and training and research in the e-banking field are fundamental issues that need to be addressed for the development of technology presence in the banking industry.
Dr. Kamijani became head of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute.
The head of the Tax Affairs Organization said that: "a new move aimed at modernizing the tax system of the country has begun. The need to make the tax’s system of the country smart is undeniable."