(Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Prizes for Science and Technology (1432H- 2011G

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(Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Prizes for Science and Technology (1432H- 2011G



In recognition of the crucial role that Science and Technology plays in socio-economic development, the IDB has, over the years, diversified and increased its assistance to its member countries in this area.

While the IDB continued to direct its efforts and financing to capacity-building, procurement of equipment and establishment of infrastructure in S&T applications, it has realized the necessity to develop a leading scientific elite among S&T institutions in member countries through the pursuit of excellence.



The IDB Prizes for Science & Technology are expected to encourage merit institutions and to promote competition among S&T institutions; the prizes would further herald the commitment of the IDB to implement forward-looking policies and integrate advanced S&T applications in the overall development agenda of its member countries. The objectives of the IDB Prizes for Science and Technology are as follows:
2.to promote a sound and fruitful competition among the S&T education and research institutions in its member countries for achieving excellence;
3.to encourage and support the successful institutions in this competition
4.to raise awareness among decision-makers and intellectuals about the present and potential contribution of S&T to sustainable development; and 
5.to highlight S&T related policies and contribution of the IDB.


The IDB Science and Technology Prizes scheme consists of three (3) prizes awarded on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the IDB Board of Governors. Each prize will consist of a cash award of one hundred thousand (100,000) US dollars, a trophy and a certificate mentioning the name of the winner and its accomplishments.

The Prizes are awarded only to institutions (not to individuals) in IDB member countries in the following categories

Category 1:
Outstanding scientific or technological contribution to the socio-economic development of a member country.

Category 2:
Outstanding contribution to any of the following scientific disciplines: Engineering Sciences; Agriculture; Medicine; Biotechnology; Information Technology; Optoelectronics; Material Sciences; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Industrial Microelectronics; alternative Energy Sources and Nanotechnology.

Category 3:
Noted scientific research institutions in the IDB Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs).






Applications for the prizes are welcomed from national, regional and international academic/research/development , private or public, institutions of member countries.

Filling in an electronic application form

Application Form ( Arabic - English - French)

It should be completed by the institution following the these guidelines:

Guidelines for Application Form ( Arabic - English - French)

The completed electronic application form should be sent to the IDB Science & Technology and Technical Cooperation Division Email : STPrize1432@isdb.org

If the space provided for any specific information is insufficient, annexes may be used with reference to the respective field number. Printed copies of completed forms along with any relevant attachments may be sent by mail to the mailing address of the IDB Science & Technology and Technical Cooperation Division..

Candidate institutions should not have received any science prizes in the same discipline in the same year.  A winning institution will not be eligible to compete for the prize for five years after winning the prize.

A first-time applying institution not selected for any of the prizes will be considered in the subsequent year for competition unless  it inform the IDB Science & Technology and Technical Cooperation Division Manager of its intention to withdraw its application.

Upon receipt of the application form at IDB, an acknowledgement message will be sent to the applicant. Communications regarding the application may be performed through: Email - Fax - Telephone.
The completed forms along with their attachments should be received by Science &Technology and Technical Cooperation Division in IDB no later than 10 Rabi Al-Thani 1432H corresponding to 15 March 2011G at the following address:


The Division Manager
Science & Technology and Technical Cooperation
Islamic Development Bank
P.O. Box 5925 Jeddah 21432 - Saudi Arabia
Email: STPrize1432@isdb.org
Tel: +966-2 - 6466801,
Fax: +966-2- 6467828

Or alternatively care of one of the following IDB Regional Offices;


  • IDB Regional Office in Rabat
  • IDB Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur
  • IDB Regional office in Almaty
  • Bureau Régional de la BID à Dakar

Interested institutions may complete the following electronic form: