Industrial production report for October 2021
News_Code: 355525 11/9/2021 10:31:23 AM
Industrial production report for October 2021
The Monetary and Banking Research Institute published a report on the industrial production of TSE-listed companies for October 2021.

According to the public relations of the Monetary and Banking Research Institute, the industrial production index of TSE-listed companies in October 2021 has decreased by 1.4 percent compared to the same period last year. The negative growth of the production index in October, which was recorded after sixteen months of positive growth, can be considered a continuation of the downward trend in the growth of this index, which began in July 2021.

Among industries, production in export-oriented industries and industries producing intermediate goods decreased more in October (compared to the same period last year). Instead, production growth in consumer goods and import-dependent industries in this period has been positive despite the decline in overall production growth.  

In addition, a review of the companies' six-month financial statements shows that the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry had the worst profitability this year. The real value of their profits in the first six months of this year decreased compared to the same period last year (Nominal profits have grown less than inflation). And the number of loss-making companies has increased. This decline in real profits could be due to government and non-market pricing of essential goods. On the other hand, the BASIC METALS and CHEMICAL PRODUCTS industries were among the most profitable industries with nominal profit growth of over 100%.

Read the report here.