The MBRI at a Glance


The MBRI at a Glance

Important steps were taken in facilitating to implement the official policies as well as advancement made to reach  macroeconomic goals in the country by the Monetary and Banking Research Academy (MBRA) during more than a decade in lieu of: research in relevant fields, providing consulting services in the monetary, foreign exchange, banking and economic subject matters to authorities as well as individuals and legal entities, holding different scholarly conferences, useful books and material publishing in addition to utilizing university faculty members and economic experts.


The MBRI organizational structure includes: board of trustees (directed by the governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran) , chairman, advisors, deputies, research councils, faculty members, public relations, scientific and research groups, finance, procurement, publications and informatics,etc. At present, Dr. Ali Divandari is the chairman of the MBRI.

Goals and Tasks

     The MBRI has determined its key goals and tasks as follow:

1.      Conducting research projects in monetary, banking (Islamic and conventional) and foreign exchange, capital market, etc.

2.      Offering economic research services to the individuals and organizations both in and outside the country

3.      Cooperative research and scientific activities with organizations, institutes and universities at national and international level

4.      Economic data and statistics about Iran and other countries to economic applicants in different sectors

5.      Conferences, seminars, research workshops about subjects relevant to the domestic and international economy either individually or jointly with research and foreign institutes