Mission,Vision and Values

Goals and Tasks

The main goals and tasks of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution are:

  • Implementation of research projects in monetary, currency, banking (Islamic and conventional), the capital market, etc.
  • Providing economic research services to individuals and organizations inside and outside the country
  • Conducting joint research and scientific activities with organizations, institutes and universities at national and international level
  • Providing economic statistics and information about Iran and other countries to economic applicants and economic interests in different sectors
  • Setting up conferences, seminars, research workshops on topics related to the domestic and international economy, either individually or jointly with Iran’s research institutes and foreign ones.


The organizational structure of the Research Institution includes: the board of trustees (directed by the governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran), the chairman, advisors, deputies, research councils, faculty, public relations, scientific research, financial, procurement, publishing and IT groups, Database and library. Currently, Dr. Ali Divandari is the chairman of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution.


The main achievements of more than a decade of its activities include the implementation of about 123 research projects, the holding of 19 annual conferences and 48 monthly conferences, the publication of over 200 titles (mainly the product of research projects and the results of annual and monthly conferences), the establishment of 7 research workshops, and the provision of advisory services to the Central Bank and the government officials.


Currently, the Research Institution is implementing joint projects with a number of international organizations and institutions, as well as providing the research services they need. In addition, in the framework of joint foreign cooperation, a joint seminar with the Islamic Research and Training Institute, affiliated with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), entitled: "The International Seminar on the Monetary Sector in Iran: Structure, Performance and Challenges " was held in Tehran, with the joint management of MBRI and the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI).