Meet the Library Staff of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution

The Library and Documentation Center of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution started in 1990, at the same time as the establishment of the Institution. Library activity has been based on the International Standard Classification (L.C, Library of Congress) for the books and other resources since its establishment.

The Library of the Monetary and Banking Research Institution is one of the specialized libraries of the country in the fields of economics, monetary, financial and banking, and statistical information. It attracts a wide range of clients every day.

It provides services including the availability of periodicals and a Latin collection, an optimal response to the clients and the necessary guidance to them, and easy access to the library resources through rich computer systems and databases. The Persian and Latin databases, Persian publications, library services to public in the form of library regulations without any restrictions, and the mechanization of the library system and the availability of Xerox and print has always been a source of customer satisfaction.

The library aspires to further expand its services with the advances of the day. In this regard, the possibility of using on-line databases at the library website via the Internet is provided for users. Users can access the web-based resources, on-line databases and membership forms by visiting the Library webpage.

In addition to providing services to clients at the Research Institution, the Library is ready to provide services to its colleagues in other organizations and institutions as well as professors, scholars and students from universities all over the country.

Library Resources

Currently, the Library of MBRI by collecting a pool of Persian and Latin books on the subject of economics, banking, monetary, financial and other related subjects, Persian and non-Persian specialized journals, reports on statistical designs and related online databases is one of the richest specialized libraries in the country.

Library Web-based Software System

Under the web-based software system of the Library, the information and resources are stored at 7 sites as follows and new resources are added continuously.

·         Persian Books

·         Latin Books

·         Reports and articles in Persian

·         Theses and research projects

·         Persian publications

·         Latin publications

·        Other books and resources which can be retrieved through the subject, author, publisher, title and year of publication or a combination of them.


·         World Bank Knowledge Repository

The site is available to scholars and researchers with more than 13,000 copies, including research papers, articles, books, reports, statistical research, and about one million downloadable files from more than 200 countries (including 88 developing countries).

·         World Bank E-Library

This database includes all publications of the World Bank, including books and articles, statistical reports, periodicals, etc. The possibility to search and access in full text is provided by the Library of MBRI.

·         IMF E-Library

This database provides researchers with statistical data, time series, books, articles, reports and periodicals published by the IMF on topics of macroeconomic, globalization, economic growth, trade, emerging markets and statistical studies, etc.


The online database of Latin economic and banking publications, and selected publications by the MBRI, with the full access to the full text from 1995 up to now, with the possibility to search, save and print in the Library.

·         MAGIRAN

The full text database of publications in Persian newspapers and Persian magazines with the ability to search, save, and print in the Library.

·         NOORMAGS

It is the largest database of articles in Islamic and social sciences and includes scientific and promotional research publications in various fields of humanities and social sciences with the ability to search, store and print in the Library.

·         Civilica

Civillica or Knowledge Reference, is a specialized database that indexes and publishes the collection of conference papers in Iran. This site is being introduced by a number of Iranian universities and congresses as a specialized reference. Currently, all academic papers are presented in three main categories of "Physical Sciences and Engineering", "Biological Sciences" and "Social Sciences." Full text access to this site has been created for researchers by the MBRI Library.

·         Cyberary

An intelligent information system that provides access to more than 150 on-line databases for users and researchers and supplies articles from various databases instantly. Users can access to this system from anywhere through Internet by an e-mail and password.

·         ELDB 3.1

The first specialized information bank in Iran which provides comprehensive information on scientific researches published about Iran's economy along with the economic and social data of Iran and other countries through a compact disk and the Internet. It is available through the Economics Research Center of Iran in the Faculty of Economics at Allameh Tabataba'i University. IELDB3.1 Articles contains information on research papers published in Iranian scientific journals since 1341 onwards, as well as articles related to Iran's economy published in prestigious English journals. The data section of IELDB3.1 includes Iran's economic and social statistics since 1338 onwards and international economic statistics. The cross-sectional data includes all the input-output tables that have been developed for Iran's economy and also two tables of social accounting matrix of Iran.

·         World Bank and IMF Databases

Includes several compact discs that include the time-series of all economic, financial, social, demographic, environmental, agricultural indicators, as well as projections for the whole world from 1960 to 2015, with the ability to search in various research topics and country names, with the possibility of providing tables and data sheets, and printing and storage on the disk.

Library Public Services

·         Member Admission

·         Reservation and lending of resources

·         Reference services and answers to specialized questions

·         Use study room atmosphere

·         Use of Persian and Latin publications and newspapers

·         Possibility to use on-line databases and information banks at the Library

Terms of use and working hours of the Library


Library is open to the public from Saturday to Wednesday from 8am to 4pm

Documents are only loaned to library members

For more information, please call the following phone numbers:

Phone: 21– 88657450-54 Ext. 6100

E-mail: mbrilib{@}

Address: Library of MBRI, No.10, Africa Highway, Near Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran