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The Monetary and Banking Research Institution has put in place training courses aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of managers and experts in the banking system and other interested individuals. Accordingly, the annual training program is set up by inquiring of and assessing related organizations as well as the requirements and challenges of the banking network. In addition, during the year, new workshops and courses are included in the curriculum, according to the necessity and due to the announcement of the need for the banking system.

The monetary and banking courses can be categorized into six main subjects:

·         Financial and accounting management

·         Information technology in banking

·         Financial regulations in banking

·         Banking rights

·         Business development in the banking industry

·         Professional knowledge of economics

The annual training program usually includes more than 50 workshops, whose detailed information such as lecturer, tuition, time, and place are declared sequently. In addition, some training workshops are ordered privately by different organizations, and are only held with the presence of the organization's employees at the time and place they are scheduled.

Every month, the training department of the MBRI sends letters and posters of workshops as well as e-mail and SMS to the administrators of banking system and related organizations, heads of colleges and student associations, and the members of the MBRI database to inform them of the upcoming training program. In addition, interested individuals can always refer to the workshops website for more information on previous, current and future programs, or contact the training office.

The main audience of workshops are firstly executives and experts of the banking system and other economic organizations, secondly, students and researchers in the field of economics and management. However, the MBRI also welcomes other people interested in the topics of the workshops.

Training department is ready to arrange training courses and provide consultancy services in accordance with the needs of the organizations by concluding a memorandum of understanding, and finally award a valid certificate to the participants.

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